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Engineering Services

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Parcogroups, relying on the ability to engineer and utilize the design and engineering capabilities of the headquarters and technical office based in Headquarters and Projects, is able to provide engineering services in Heavy Lift and Transport operations, including calculating and designing its operations.

This part of the operation, depending on the customer's opinion, can be provided in two ways before it can be carried out alone or using the experience of the executive team, the variety of company-owned crane devices as well as the use of full facilities and fully loaded tools. Happen.

Engineering activities will include the management and control of shipment, installation and unloading operations from the first stage to the end of the project, all in accordance with BS7121-2006, HSE BOOKS OF LIFTING EQUIPMENT, BSEN12077-2 and ASMEB30. In the meantime, project time management and cost management system as a type of planning and control system is planned and implemented based on comprehensive information in all projects of the organization.